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First impressions of a MacBook Pro

First impressions of a MacBook Pro

Been playing with a MacBook Pro for the last week or so and have to say have enjoyed it very much. I’ve never had anything against Macs – just never had much cause to get involved with them. They also don’t do “budget”, you get a premium piece of kit for a premium price! Something I hadn’t appreciated was just how well a Mac can also run Windows apps – with the help of a Mac add-on called “Parallels” it’s possible to run pretty much any Windows program. This does come at a cost as in addition to purchasing this you’ll also need a Windows license (about £90).

When you compare a MacBook to a premium Windows laptop with similar specification the prices aren’t too different really – I paid £1000 for a refurbished “Early 2015″ machine with 13.3″ Retina screen, 8GB RAM, Intel i5 CPU, and 128GB solid state drive. Pretty much low-end of what’s available in that range, I’m already wishing I went for one with more storage as it’s not, officially, possible to upgrade this later (and from what’s I’ve read the third-party upgrades which are around aren’t too reliable).

My general observations are: the construction is fantastic – all metal case, totally solid, premium look and feel; although physically small at 13.3”, which was a worry to begin with, the screen is great – clear and bright; the keyboard has nicely separated keys, with a solid sounding click action, easy to type on and illuminated when required; the touch-pad is big and feels good under a finger tip, I’m not really a touchpad fan – but it’s one of the most usable I’ve worked with.

Overall I’m impressed so far.

My Mac desktop showing both Mac and Windows, er, windows open.

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