Visiting Us In person

26th April 2021: Shops in Scotland are generally allowed to reopen from this date. Please note that we continue to ask you to make an appointment prior to 1PM. From 1PM to 5PM (Monday to Friday) you can visit without making an appointment first.

Your Responsibilities

In addition to having booked an appointment (if before 1pm) you should be symptom free and not have (or suspect you have) COVID infection; should not visit us if self isolating; wear a mask (unless you are exempt); if at all possible come alone. While we can accept payment by cash our preferred method is contactless either by device or card.

Please sanitise any equipment you are bringing for repair with spray or wipes beforehand.

Our Responsibilities

We have a hand sanitising station just inside the front door for your use; we sanitise the doorbell, door handles, card machine, and counter area throughout the day. We will handle your equipment with inspection gloves where practical and use external keyboard & mouse where appropriate to minimise touching your device.

What To Expect

Our door will be locked when you arrive, please press the button on the doorbell. When the door is released there will be a green light & beeping sound… push the door open. In the unlikely event that you see someone is already with us we won’t release the door until they are leaving.

There will be only be one member of staff present in the majority of cases. We have a line marked on the floor to allow us to maintain the correct social distance, please stay behind this line.

We will have a tub ready for you to place smaller items in, and a table for larger computers. For collection we will also have your items already set out for you to pick up.

There is a green button beside the handle to release the door when leaving.

This information was last updated 24th April 2021 and was correct at the time. We will try to keep this page updated with the latest requirements.